• Columbia-BofA-Tower_1
  • Columbia-BofA-Tower_3
  • Owner: Martin Selig
  • Architect: Chester L Lindsey Architects
  • Location: Seattle. WA
  • Size: 1,950,000 ft2
  • Value: $117,000,000
  • Delivery Method: Negotiated
  • Completion Date: January 12, 1985


  • 120-feet-deep, 225,000-cubic-yards of excavation
  • One of the largest ever for a Seattle building foundation
  • Concrete footings extending 134-feet below street level
  • The steel frame was erected at a rate of two floors per week

Bank of America Tower (formerly Columbia Seafirst Tower)

When constructed, the Bank of America Tower (formerly Columbia Seafirst Tower), became the tallest building west of the Mississippi River and north of Houston, TX, dominating the Seattle skyline.  The concave/ convex triangle structure is still one of the tallest buildings in the United States.

The $117M high-rise looks like three slender towers of different heights huddled together for mutual support.  A curtainwall exterior continues its monolithic appearance.  Because of its slender top, large dampers were used to reduce sway.  Exotic looking core bracing, described as a vertical bridge of steel arches of various shapes and sizes, helps resist lateral loads.

Being brought in during the planning phase two years before site work started enabled Howard S. Wright to glean an understanding of the project direction and solve the issues unique to this historic high-rise project.  Howard S. Wright’s role was to take the project out of the drawing stage and build it into reality.