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  • Owner: GSA
  • Architect: SERA Architects
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Size: 500,000 ft2
  • Value: $116,000,000
  • Delivery Method: Integrated Project Delivery
  • Completion Date: March 12, 2013


  • LEED Registered with a certification goal of Platinum
  • Complete Integrated Project Delivery
  • Full use of Building Information Modeling
  • High Performance Green Building technologies
  • Targeted 50% reduction in lighting energy
  • Targeted 60-65% reduction in potable water consumption
  • Solar array on the roof
  • Roof mounted solar array will offset up to 6% building energy consumption

Edith Green Wendell Wyatt Federal Building Modernization

Upon completion in 2013, the Edith Green Wendell Wyatt Federal Building become a proving ground for innovative, sustainable technologies. Opened in 1975, the 500,000 sf, 18-story tower no longer meets current Federal energy usage requirements.

As a key team member in the Integrated Project Delivery process, Howard S. Wright workied with the GSA, SERA Architects and key subcontractors to replace several building components that have reached the end of their operating life. These enhancements included the following:

• Replacements and upgrades to the building’s accessibility, life safety, mechanical, electrical and security systems.

• A 50% reduction in lighting energy usage through advanced, optically-enhanced light systems that automatically adjust to the amount of daylight available.

• A 60-65% reduction in potable water consumption through the use of low-flow fixtures and reuse of rainwater for toilets, irrigation and mechanical cooling.

• Modernized elevators that generate power as they descend.

• A solar array on the roof to offset up to 6% of building energy consumption, with solar power produced on-site.

• Unique energy-saving treatments to each of the building’s four sides, including light reflectors to provide daylight in occupied areas, shading fins to keep heat out during the summer, and a vertical screen to provide shade and cooling in the summer for the west facade.