• Owner: Wright Runstad & Co.
  • Architect: ZGF
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Size: 497,000 ft2
  • Value: $43,208,674
  • Completion Date: June 17, 2009

ODS Tower

ODS Tower is a 24-story development featuring 374,000 sf of Class A office space and retail space utilizing one of Portland’s premier blocks. At completion, the tower was the first new high-rise in downtown Portland since 1991.

Located in the urban core, the project site was bound by Max Transit on the south, downtown’s busiest arterial to the north, and two primary streets on the east and west. Despite the logistical challenges, the tower was constructed to the property line on each side, and the public right of way stayed accessible during construction on two of the four sides.

The project schedule overcame a major challenge which occurred during the course of construction. A significant underground obstacle was discovered during the excavation which had not been detected by geotechnical boring holes. The obstacle and associated hazardous materials resulted in a schedule recovery and acceleration plan to mitigate the time required for remedial work. The schedule acceleration and recovery efforts resulted in meeting the tenant occupancy dates.

In addition to the subgrade structure, the first seven floors of the podium were constructed of concrete with post-tensioning. Quality control and sequencing planning were critical to mitigate the post-tension shrinkage and achieve the tolerances for the concrete work to accommodate the structural steel tower transition at the seventh level.

The façade is a design-build precast concrete and built up window system and curtainwall. The podium is a design-build granite façade with curtainwall glazing systems.